The Talle Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the Eastern edge of the town of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh (27° 32’ N; 93° 52’ E). The parts of the sanctuary that we visited range in altitude from around 1750 m ASL to 2700m ASL. Our expedition lasted from the 19th to the 26th of June and the team was based at the Pange Anti-poaching Camp, malady which is the first camp within the sanctuary.

Most of our sampling was focused within the altitudinal range of 1750m ASL to 2100m ASL within the Pange Range of the Talle Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Two days were spent sampling the Talle Valley Range, try from 2000m ASL to 2750m ASL. The habitats in these two ranges were quite distinct. Pange is primarily tropical evergreen forest interspersed with some pine and temperate forest in the higher reaches. However, the Talle Valley Range was primarily open pine forest. An interesting but non-fruitful habitat in this range was a very expansive short bamboo forest growing on a dense mossy bog. With more time, we are certain that there will be some interesting discoveries in this location.

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