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About us

Felis Creations is a production house based in India specializing in wildlife and conservation programmes for worldwide broadcast. We offer a complete documentary production service with the ability to acquire permits, conduct research & recce, shoot & direct, and deliver a completed programme. With an unwavering passion for the natural world, Felis’ mainstay is the high-quality content we create. Our films have appeared on major channels worldwide including National Geographic, BBC, Netflix, Discovery, and Animal Planet.

The team at Felis has spent the last two decades exploring the Indian subcontinent for in-depth natural history content. Today, we house one of the most extensive collections of high-definition stock footage, time-lapse photography, and still imagery. Our stock imagery is currently represented by Nature Picture Library, UK (NPL) and by a newly created platform, Felis Images. We take pride in creating content of international repute. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to capture fresh, unique perspectives that are uncommon. We ensure that our kits are regularly updated and match the requirements of global broadcasters.

what we do

Filming & Production

Professional Kit Hire

Stock Footage & Images