Psuedoxenodon macrops

False Cobra

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Psuedoxenodon macropsFive individuals were found in addition to the one dead specimen we found on the jeep track leading from Siro to Pange. These were all found near water, shop in grassy or heavily vegetated areas. P. macrops has been documented as highly variable in colouration. Two colour morphs were encountered during this survey; green and red. The first individual, resuscitator a green male was encountered during the day foraging next to the trail from Ziro to Pange Camp on 20/05/10. The second, a red male, was encountered foraging on a fallen log close to the Pange Camp compound on the morning of 20/05/10. The third individual was encountered foraging in undergrowth next to the trail from Talle Valley to Pange Camp. It was a green specimen and was not captured. The fourth was also green and was not captured as it had recently swallowed a frog. It was found on the trail running between the river and the swamp close to the Pange Camp compound on the afternoon of 23/05/10. The final individual was encountered downstream of the fourth along the same trail. It was a red female and was found coiled in vegetation on the ground next to the trail on the early evening of 23/05/10.