Xenophrys major

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Xenophrys majorOnly one individual was brought to us by Jayanto, store in the night when he had gone to check the pitfall traps. It was a slow moving forest floor frog, typical of the genus. The ground colour of the body was a mix of light brown and olive green. There were dark brown markings on the dorsum. Between the eyes there was an hour-glass shaped marking that breaks up into a symmetrical pattern. There are large founded warts on the flanks, rear end of the dorsum and dorsal surface of the thigh. There are warts on the anal region. The underside is smooth with large light brown patches on a grey ventral surface colour. There are two symmetrical white tipped warts on the pectoral region which are distinct. The skin in the region is different from the rest of the ventral surface. The toes are long and has web at the base of the toes. Inner metatarsal tubercle in the feet is weak and indistinct. The finger and toe tips are rounded with fingers completely free, without any webbing. The toes III, IV and V are webbed at the base. The tympanum is hidden and covered by skin. There is a prominent supratympanic fold extending from the posterior end of the eye to the shoulder. The snout is angular with the tip extending beyond the margin of the upper and lower lips. The frog is fragile looking and feigns dead when handled. The fore and the hind limbs are barred in brown prominently.