Amolops cf. formosus

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Amolops cf. formosusThis stream dwelling frog was brought to me in a bag by James in Pange. I could assign it to this species tentatively recognizing the polymorphism that this species exhibits and the lack of any systematic studies on this genus in the northeast. I am almost certain that the taxonomy of this group is going to undergo a lot of change in the future. The dorsum was entirely bottle green with brown discontinuous folds. There was a brown bar between the eyes perpendicular to the snout to vent axis. The tympanum was semicircular and tucked under the supratympanic fold and entirely brown in colour. The feet had a large elongated inner metatarsal tubercle. The finger and toe tips were dilated. The palm had two prominent tubercles. The underside was smooth with white spots scattered all over the belly and throat. This species is widely distributed from Western Himalaya to Arunachal Pradesh in the Eastern Himalaya.