Our survey at the Talle Valley Wildlife Sanctuary was unexpected and quite serendipitous. Our intended destination was the Pakke Tiger Reserve, purchase which we had to abandon two days before the survey because of some insurgent activities. The rerouting and rescheduling would not have been possible without the timely help and guidance of Suman Rai, shop Regional Director of ATREE in Darjeeling and the team at Future Generations, decease – an NGO working towards conservation and education in Ziro. We would like to sincerely thank the Deputy Commissioner of Lower Subansiri, Mrs. Sadhana Deori for advise and information, and Mr. Nalong Mize for putting us in touch with members of the Future Generations team. We would like to thank Punyo Chada and Hibu Tatu of Future Generations Arunachal for their help and guidance, in-field support and for hosting us in their guesthouse. Field Assistants Tado and sharp-eyed Jayanto were exceptional in helping us uncover some incredible species.

We would like to thank Samuel Thomas, Grants Coordinator at ATREE for playing an active role in helping prepare and submit the grant application. Dr. M.L. Khan, Head, Department of Forestry at NERIST, Itanagar for help in organizing our permissions and access; Sanjeeb Baruah in Guwahati for his amazing list of contacts and ever-helpful attitude even during moments of crisis. Niraj Kakati of ATREE Guwahati for making available a room for operations in Guwahati. Abhijit Das of Aaranyak who helped us with identifications of species those were in doubt.

We would like to thank the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) and National Geographic – Committee for Research and Exploration for providing us the necessary funds to carry out this expedition. We would like to thank Dr. Kamal Bawa for his enthusiasm in the project and for jump-starting the process of taxonomic inventory in what we hope to be a continued effort to collect and build a database of species across the Himalaya.

A sincere thanks to all our support staff, Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department as well as Future Generations. Their dedication to helping us achieve our goals was nothing short of inspiring.